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TwinTalker 3600 Mods

Finally I modified my little TwinTalker 3600. I had to do it because my first PMR446, the used TwinTalker 3500, suffered deafness and its output was less than 200 milliwatt.

In place of the original antenna (the spring), I welded a SMA connector and a BNC adaptor.

I used a SMA connector because this radio has very microscopic dimensions. Plus, because the TwinTalker 3600 was opened, I lightly increased the modulation of this radio that was a little bit weak.

Below the TwinTalker 3600 with SMA only and with SMA-BNC ready to link to an external antenna.

modified TwinTalker 3600 with SMAmodified TwinTalker 3600 with SMA

Here is my little TwinTalker 3600 opened on the surgery table and ready to be hacked with a SMA connector.

TwinTalker 3600 opened ready to the surgery

The spring antenna, the cover and the SMA connector ready to be nested.

TwinTalker 3600's spring antennaTwinTalker 3600's spring antenna particular

The rear and front PCB of my little TwinTalker 3600.

TwinTalker 3600's PCB rearTwinTalker 3600's PCB front

Finally the soldering photos. Remember always to solder the connector's ground, in the nearest point where we withdraw the antenna's signal.

soldering twintalker 3600 with SMA connectorsoldering twintalker 3600 with SMA connector

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