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Radio Modifications for TwinTalker 3500

my twintalker 3500 modified with BNC connectorHere you can see a close photo of the modified TwinTalker 3500. I replaced the original antenna with a ruined BNC, previously mounted in a Midland Alan 38. The job was pretty easy and good at see.

One day, I'll re-open this radio again and I'll take a close photo of the inside. But if you want to do this mod, I suggest you to use a 2 cm of a RG174 cable to connect PCB and BNC. And above all, remember to weld the ground!!!

Besides, this radio was a few KHz out frequency but, with a thermostatic controlled frequency meter, now is's correctly on frequency! I suggest not to repeat this risky operation, it's only for a desperate case like mine was!

my twintalker 3500 modified with BNC connector

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