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SSTV or Slow Scan TeleVision

Here are some photos of my early experiments with CB and SSTV. Initially I made a serial interface connected between CB and PC. Now the whole thing is easily done with a simple sound blaster...

1rk25 SSTV14cd31 SSTV14cd31 SSTV14hf176 SSTV14HF176 SSTV34av126 SSTV34av126 SSTV161am002 SSTV161am002 SSTV161am002 SSTVbrasilia SSTVcontes SSTVtenerife SSTVdomingoleon SSTVjeanclaude SSTVjuan tenerife SSTVmaik_uniform_tenerife SSTVmartinique SSTVodessa SSTVvideoink SSTV

Below some others from 10 metres band:

fm1fv SSTVfr5ab SSTVfr5ab SSTVfr5ab SSTVfr5ab SSTVfr5ab SSTVfr5ab SSTVik2rjp SSTVji5tsq SSTVka1jri SSTVlaole SSTVlx1ti SSTVn1yzm SSTVn1yzm SSTVsp2ajp SSTVsp2ajp SSTVur5edv SSTVur5edv SSTV

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