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Spring antenna simulation for Twin Talker 3600

I always asked myself which was the Twin Talker 3600's original spring antenna gain.

The physical features of the spring antenna, if we want so call it, are: a spring of 20.5 coils, diametre 5 millimetres and 29 millimetres long, the wire's diametre is 0.7 millimetres.

I tried to input data into the 4nec2 simulator, to see, in outline, how it behaves: after measuring the radio's printed board and simulating it like a ground plane, the spring, of course, as an aerial.

schema antenna a molla twintalker3600

To make resonate the spring, I had to reduce a lot the wire diametre, else the spring resonated 22 MHz upper, if who projected the antenna, took care of this and that... I correctly input the data into 4nec2.

Here is the final result:

simulazione antenna a molla twintalker3600 guadagno antenna a molla twintalker3600

ros antenna a molla twintalker3600 impedenza antenna a molla twintalker3600

vertical radiation pattern for spring twintalker3600 horizontal radiation pattern for spring antenna twintalker3600

tridimensional radiation pattern for spring antenna twintalker3600

Without surprise, we can see that this antenna has a negative gain but, for the local use, it's good enough. With this antenna I connected T-rex, 181 km far away.

To end, here is the .nec file of this spring antenna simulation with 4nec2 program just analized.

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