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Homemade 1/4 wave Ground Plane antenna for VHF-UHF

When we speak about antennas, often people thinks there are a lot of related magic things about that and never try to experiment in build something.

homemade ground plane antenna for VHF-UHFWe don't need to be electronic ingeneer to build a smart antenna and all we need is time and near zero bucks.

All my antennas are built from recovered parts, so as to restore to life parts that will end to dump.

If you too like this thinking, well: read on!

What it needs you:

Well: you can find the 5 telescopic whips in broken radios and/or portable TVs that you can find in your local dump center. Only need to dismantle them with a screwdriver and/or pliers. The round piece of metal was recovered from the electric motor of a broken 5' 1/4 floppy driver. The piece of plastic sheet or cardboard easily recovered in your junk-box.

Finally a piece of RG-58 or similar RF-cable.

You only need to drill your piece of metal so as to fix the four telescopic whips for ground-plane.

At the center of the metal's piece, you'll put the plastic piece (with a hole) to insulate the central whip from the ground plane.

At the end you'll have to solder the central whip and the ground plane respectively with central and shield's cable.

I installed this antenna over a PVC pipe fixed with a little table in my room.

A great advantage of this telescopic antenna is that it can receive/transmit from about 75 MHz to... infinite MHz, simply extending or shortening all the five telescopic whips in accordance with the formula:

71.25/f = lenght in metres

or if you prefer

7125/f = lenght in centimetres

where f is the frequency in MHz. That's all!

This Ground Plane antenna, if properly tuned, is the ideal for a scanner receiver but I think this should be good enought for a VHF transceiver in place of that short rubber tip.

This one is perfectly able, among other things, to listen weather satellites and ISS, the International Space Station when flying over our heads (@ground floor, indoor)!

homemade ground plane antenna for VHF-UHFhomemade ground plane antenna for VHF-UHFhomemade ground plane antenna for VHF-UHF

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